Interview about affiliation and affect regulation in therapy

In this interview, Mary Target tells very nicely about affiliation and affect regulation in therapy. […]

The Teenage Brain Is Primed For Addiction

Youtube film from World Science Festival 2014 including neuropsychiatrist Amir Levine who explains how young people’s brains are extremely vulnerable to addiction. According to Amir addiction has roots in the teenage years, as there is a far greater risk for developing addiction if using drugs early and before the 18th to 21st year. […]

Documentary “Help med love my baby”

“Help med love my baby” is a sad and touching documentary about postnatal depression, ghosts in the bedroom, powerlessness, affiliation, therapy and hope.


Video about attachment – how parents can respond to their children

A fine short video about how parents can respond to their children and how much it means to be calmer, more responsible and more mentalizing when doing that. […]

TED Talk about mentalization in long term relationships

An often-asked question when working with mentalization is whether you can mentalize too much. In the book “Mating in captivity – Unlocking erotic Intelligence” and in this TED Talk, Ester Perel argues that when it comes to mentalization sometimes intimacy, security and trust can be a direct contrast to mentalization. She is, however, in a touchingly manner able to mentalize the couples she works with while showing how the relationship needs a lot of mentalization. The book is a classic when it comes to relationship, and a part of its charm is that the reader, holding Ester Perel’s hand, is invited into different relationships, bedrooms and fantasies. She succeeds as a writer in showing that there is an infinite number of ways to visit these arenas while still normalizing and acknowledging all of them. […]

Lecture on how to stop children’s tantrums – Daniel Siegel

Here is a short lecture in neurobiology about how to stop children’s tantrums – told by Daniel Siegel. […]

The brain and trauma

A small pedagogical video that explains the link between the brain and trauma – with nice illustrations about what happens in the brain with traumatisation. […]


When we in Center for Mentalization listen to podcasts, we choose:
Anna Freuds own ”Child in mind”
”Where should we begin…” by Esther Perel
”Your Parentings Mojo – research based ideas to help kids thrive”


Center for Mentalization in Lithuania

Rewarding teaching experience with “The Mentalization Guidebook” at Vilnius University i Lithuania. […]

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

“Hunt for the “Wilderpeople” is such a nice movie about foster children, foster families and development inspite of everything!