About Center for Mentalization

Center for Mentalization aims to provide and facilitate knowledge about mentalization and the use of mentalization-based treatment (MBT) and pedagogy in the treatment of neglected and traumatized children, adolescents and adults.

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The people behind

Center for Mentalization is run by:

Psychologist Janne Østergaard Hagelquist and E*MBA Heino Rasmussen

The following collaborators are associated with Center for Mentalization:

Psychologist Line Sangild Thimmer

Psychotherapist and BA in philosophy Mette Mørk Nielsen

Psychologist Nana Lund Nørgaard

Psychologist Lone Algot Jeppesen

Psychologist Sophie Juul Rønnow

Psychologist Helle Hundahl

Psychologist Line Albér

Psychologist Heidi Foldager

Psychologist Maria Pedersen

Psychologist Anja Hareskov Jensen

Psychologist Lea Tangelev Greve

Psychologist Susanna de Lima

Social worker Elisa Baunsgaard

Psychologist Marianne Køhler Skov

Psychologist Anne Agerbo

Psychologist Nete Rigenstrup

Social worker Dirch Bacher

Psychologist Mette Gundersen

Psychotherapist Sarah Long Jonsson

Psychologist Rikke Nielsen

Stud.cand.psych. Katja Sandberg

Stud.cand.psych. Ida Kristoffersen

Stud.psych. Anna Sønderskov Mikkelsen