About Center For Mentalization

Center for Mentalization aims to provide and facilitate knowledge about mentalization and the use of mentalization-based treatment (MBT) and pedagogy in the treatment of neglected and traumatized children, adolescents and adults.

Read more about mentalization here.

The People Behind

Day-to-day maintenance, development and management is carried out by:

Psychologist Janne Østergaard Hagelquist

E*MBA Heino Rasmussen

Following collaborators are also associated with Center For Mentalization

  • Psychologist Line Sangild Thimmer

  • Psychotherapist and BA in philosophy Mette Mørk Nielsen

  • Psychologist Nana Lund Nørgaard

  • Psychologist Lone Algot Jeppesen

  • Psychologist Sophie Juul Rønnow

  • Psychologist Helle Hundahl

  • Psychologist Line Albér

  • Psychologist Heidi Foldager

  • Psychologist Maria Pedersen

  • Psychologist Anja Hareskov Jensen

  • Psychologist Lea Tangelev Greve

  • Psychologist Susanna de Lima

  • Social worker Elisa Baunsgaard

  • Psychologist Marianne Køhler Skov

  • Psychologist Anne Agerbo

  • Psychologist Nete Rigenstrup

  • Social worker Dirch Bacher

  • Psychologist Mette Gundersen

  • Psychotherapist Sarah Long Jonsson

  • Psychologist Rikke Nielsen

  • Stud.cand.psych. Katja Sandberg

  • Stud.cand.psych. Ida Kristoffersen

  • Stud.psych. Anna Sønderskov Mikkelsen