Video clips from Center for Mentalization

Center for Mentalization has its very own collection of video clips with illustrations that communicates central aspects of the mentalization theory, e.g. attachment styles and trauma.  The videos are easily understood and can be used as a pedagogical tool to talk about difficult subjects with both children and adults.

Mentalization and failure to mentalize

An introduction to mentalization and mentalization failure.

Attachment at sea

A video about patterns of attachment, and how the primary attachment figures can act in relation to these different patterns.

Other video clips about mentalization

Peter Fonagy talks about how children, adolescents and families is able to learn fundamental skills like the ability to mentalize. The ability to mentalize helps the individual to create and maintain relations.

Peter Fonagy talks about the psychology of violence
– a fragile ability to mentalize is the foundation for exerciseing violence on others

Janne Oestergaard Hagelquist talks about her book “The Mentalization Guidebook”.