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Can neglected children form new healthy attachments?

Here is an amazing documentary about an American familiy that adobts three Russian foster children. The documentary shows the family’s and the children’s challenges – while theories about neglect is presented. The best thing about this movie is that it promises us that it IS possible for neglected children to form new healthy attachments.



[fusion_text]Epigenetics is the new black in psychological research and Rachel Yehuda is one of the pioneers in the field. In this exciting podcast she explains the phenomenon as well as her own personal and professional experience in relation to epigenetics.

TED talk about substance abuse

[fusion_text]In this inspiring and personal TED talk substance abuse is explained as a lack of attachment and intimate relations. The video provides and interesting and new perspective on the causes of substance abuse – which can be of importance to our entire approach to treatment of substance abusers. Watch the TED talk here.

The Backwards Brain Bicycle

[fusion_text] This video about the Backwards Brain Bicycle – a bicycle that operates in reverse – shows very good how our brains maintain their plasticity throughout life – but also how the brain is most flexible when you’re a child or teenager. [/fusion_text][youtube id=”” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””][/youtube]

[fusion_text] is a wonderful baby-video-univers with lots of mentalization references. Watch, i.a., this video via the link:

Rape and reconciliation

[fusion_text]A very touching TED talk about rape – and about reconciliation through mentalizing conversations between the victim and the violator. Through years of conversation and meetings the victim and the violator processes what took place, and the violator takes responsibility as well as the guilt. Watch the TED talk here.