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Research article

We are very proud of our latest research article, which demonstrates the positive effect of implementation of mentalization-based principles in an organizationel context.

The research article is based on a study of a mentalization-based workshop that Center for Mentalization has made for Families, children and young people in “Aarhus Kommune”. The study shows that employees had […]

Brainstorm – Daniel Siegel

“Brainstorm” is a very interesting book written by Daniel Siegel. It presents a developmental and neuropsychiatric perspective on adolescents and abuse. It explains why young people are at a higher risk of developing addiction because of the “teenage-brain”.


Four existential givens

In times of crisis like the Corona crisis, the four givens become especially current. But remember that the four givens also have opposites like: “Together, meaning, choice and life”.


Video about attachment styles

A nice little video about different attachment styles in relationships. https://www.youtube.com/watch…

TED-talk about happiness

What makes a good life? This interesting TED-talk refers to the longest study on happiness, in which a group of men are followed from young adulthood to old age. The study points out that good relationships are the most important determinant of happiness.

The Tale

The Tale is a fantastic film about a woman who re-experiences memories about a sexual relationship between her and her running coach. The film is based on a true story and describes grooming and how powerful manipulation can be in the sensitive teenage years.